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Private student folders: WebDAV request(s) to create course content collection folders and modify their read permissions. Examples.

Question asked by harlan on Mar 22, 2018

I'm hoping to find someone that knows all about this already, or that may be interested in discovering the detailed features of an abstracted WebDAV exchange that will (among other things) create and modify Bb file folder permissions in the following context.

The HTTP exchange is initiated and entirely coordinated by a client side browser hosted script (let's say a bookmarklet) that will:

Create (*if not pre-existing) an individual course/organisation content collection folder within the course/organisation at the current href. And then for each individual student/participant listed - by supplied username/email only, create* a folder and set its permissions so that each created folder may only be read by or written to by the one individual participant for which that particular folder was created (and by no other course participants in particular).  Any default role based access control entries may be left in place or (optionally) amended/updated to suit.

The bookmarklet is initiated somewhere where username and email may be discovered, and may GET from a separate dataset of associable user information (if necessary) though the source of any additional information would need to be considered here too and its availability should not necessarily be assumed.

  • Course Delivery (3200.0.5-rel.6+3dd6b56)
  • Community Engagement (3200.0.5-rel.6+3dd6b56)
  • Content Management (3200.0.5-rel.6+3dd6b56)

Examples of the particulars of the WebDAV requests and responses implicated in the above would be very much appreciated here. Many thanks if you can help.


Exhibit: usernames are sufficient to identify principals.