CFP: WCET's 30th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Meeting

Discussion created by timothyharfield on Mar 21, 2018



WCET’s 30th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Meeting will bring together higher education leaders and practitioners who are working to improve educational quality and access through the use of digital technology.


Proposals can be formal, tightly planned submissions or loosely organized 'unconference' topics. Unconference topics are attendee-driven discussions facilitated by a leader. Proposals are encouraged but not limited to the following topics:

  • Emerging technologies: credentialing platforms, LMS integrations, evaluating edtech, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, etc.
  • 30th Anniversary Topics: Edtech evolution over the past 30 years, how far we have come, where we are headed, advances, reflections, predictions, etc.
  • Institutional success: scalable models, innovative collaborations, managing compliance, student authentication and proctoring, academic integrity, vendor partnerships, supporting faculty for 21st century teaching, next generation analytics for decision-making, purchasing decisions and insights.
  • Evolving models: including CBE, OER, personalized learning, learning design, adaptive learning, alternative credentials, pilots, online program management and fee for service models, lessons learned, good practices, etc.
  • Student success: how edtech can enhance access, inclusion, retention, and completion. Creative institution/workforce partnerships, real-world learning outside the classroom.
  • Policies and regulations impacting students learning with technology: accreditation, ADA compliance, credit hour, financial aid, student identity verification, military students, state authorization.