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Retention Center Data

Question asked by gmfelix on Mar 19, 2018

Good morning everyone,


I am a beginner and I'm trying to understand OpenDB, I have a strong background in MySQL and I have some questions, first of all, some context:

We are trying to get data from retention center about students, we expect to get a comparison of student average vs class average for a few courses. Here are our questions:


  • While looking at the institution's database, the tables for Retention Center are empty. I used the following query:

     SELECT * FROM BBLEARN.retention_center_stage_grade

     The other retention_center tables are empty as well, is this normal? Am I looking at the wrong tables?

  • After doing some more digging, I found out that the average scores for courses are stored in ews_gradebook_main, but I cannot find the average scores for each student. Does OpenDB keep the average grades on a table? Or do we have to calculate it? This question is a backup plan in case the retention center data is not being recorded for some reason.


Thanks for your time in advance,


Gabriel Felix