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How do other schools add users to Learn?

Question asked by ks22582 on Mar 14, 2018
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Currently, at Kent State University we are using a self-hosted version of Learn Original experience, 9.1 Q2 CU5 2017.  We also currently use Banner for our SIS.  To get user accounts in Learn, we have events that are triggered when course registration happens or if a faculty member is appointed to a course. 

The CMS is getting more and more activity from non-credit courses, such as human resources training and development for staff that may or may not be taking a credit course.  Registration for these types of offerings are done outside of Banner, therefore, account events are not triggered and the accounts need to be put in manually by our CMS support team, which at times can be quite cumbersome. 

My question is, what do other schools do, how are you getting non-credit users into your CMS? 



Bobbi Bain, CMS/ET Manager