Grade Centre/Smart Views Use in Large Courses

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Hi Everyone,


Hope you are all well. Longtime lurker on the community, often finding snippets of gold so thank-you to everyone who posts.


I'm Matt (VLE Manager) at the University of Law (8 campuses across the UK), and i have been in post for a little over a year. We are self hosted currently running Learn 9.1 Q2 16 (soon to be updating to Q2 17). I have a small team who build and deliver all of our core programmes on the VLE. Unfortunately we don't have too much technical experience within the team (including myself), and we rely on our I.T team to provide us with a lot of support in this area.


I wanted to raise a legacy issue we have here at the University, which i am EXTREMELY keen to resolve, so i thought id ask the community for opinions/ideas- as im sure others must have had similar issues.


A couple of our larger core programmes are created with over 3000 users enrolled into 'Manual' courses. This has in the past led to the grade centre (unsurprisingly) being unstable leading to crashes. Because of this we have removed tutor access to the grade centre in these courses. Obviously this is not well recieved from a tutor perspective, and holds us back a great deal from improving our courses - especially with regards to analytics. P.N using Master/child or Master Copy courses are not an option for these programmes.


We have been advised by Blackboard to utilise smart views which i am currently exploring further. I am however unsure of the best way to move forward with this. Is there a way to 'batch create' smart views within courses, and can updates to these smart views be scheduled?.


In an ideal world, we would like to create smart views for all of our different workshop groups(classes) to make it as easy as possible for tutors to review/gather/analyse data for there students. It would be ideal if we could schedule this via SIS (again - im not very technical!) using data from our SRS. I have had a look at the groups tool, but again this appears very manual/time consuming. We would if possible like to ensure that students moving workshop group also move smart view.


I have seen some ideas on the community , one which looked interesting was creating smart views for the first letter of each students name - but obviously in courses with as many enrolments as we have, this will still make the GC unwieldy for students.


If anybody has experienced/resolved these issues in the past id be really interested in hearing from you (as i would if anyone has any ideas/opinions!). Thanks