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Unable to view Class Climate content from specific account

Question asked by mb0070003 on Mar 15, 2018

We're using Class Climate with Blackboard for our course evaluations. In our test environment, everything is working the way it should except for our student test account. Logging in under that account does not allow me to view the Class Climate questionnaire, but it can be viewed with other accounts. The link is for the tool is visible, but when I click on the link, the Class Climate LTI module fails to load. It doesn't say "No questionnaires available", it's simply blank aside from the Blackboard headers.


I enrolled a couple of our student workers in the course and they were able to view it. I contacted Scantron about this, and they verified that everything was set up correctly (student test account was in course list on Class Climate and Blackboard, had email address, etc.), so they figured there must be something about the account in Blackboard that is blocking it.


Does anyone know of any settings that might prevent an account from seeing an LTI tool?