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Does anyone else have students complaining that when they upload a large file to Bb Assignments there is no progress bar and that some students think Bb has crashed?

Question asked by ts26901 on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2018 by axelle.noiret

I had the following request from a member of teaching staff:

What bother me, and my students, much more is Bb sitting there doing nothing during the 5-10-15 mins it takes some large video files to be uploaded in a Blackboard Assignment by students for a piece of assessed work. It is very worrying and in fact it has caused problems because (stressed-out-by-deadlines) students think Bb ‘froze’ or ‘the assignment upload did not work’ when they only needed to wait long enough.



Any chance Blackboard can introduce a progress-bar when a file takes longer than a few seconds to upload? That would really help us.

Do others experience this on their installs or might be just be the size of files we are using are much bigger than others?