MyMessages B2 2.2.1no longer maintained

Discussion created by rs0048203 on Mar 13, 2018

MyMessages B2 version 2.2.1 on OSCELOT Archive OSCELOT Projects > Projects > MyMessages > Home is no longer being maintained.

Therefore there is a risk that this B2 may no longer work in a future major Bb release. (for example: due to possibility of future Bb Library change).

I have posted a Q4 2016 rebuild (for Original Experience only) of MyMessages B2 WAR file for Q4 2016 on OSCELOT which I hope will be helpful to the Bb Community.

MyMessages B2 WAR file for Q4 2016 posted on OSCELOT

Blackboard has Course Messages Notifications Course Messages Notifications | Blackboard Help which I believe has similar functionality.

At University of New Mexico we prefer to continue to use MyMessages B2 so that students and instructors do not need to use a 'new' way to perform this functionality.

Therefore, I plan to post a MyMessages B2 rebuild for Q4 2017 on OSCELOT hopefully summer 2018.