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Issues with NBC Learn B2?

Question asked by aauthier on Mar 8, 2018

Is anyone else out there using the NBC Learn B2? We had a pretty serious malfunction earlier this week and we're wondering if others are experiencing something similar or may be able to help us shed some light on this.


NBC Learn recently updated their video player (from Flash-based to html), which is good. The update only applied to newly embedded videos (videos that were previously embedded remained in the old player). For some reason, and without us having done anything, it appears all of the code for the old videos was replaced with the new player code. However, the new code replaced ALL of the code in the item where the video originally existed. So, where we may have built an item with several learning activities (read this chapter, go to this website, watch the video, etc.) only the NBC Learn video remains and everything else has been deleted. This is everywhere across our system (with a few anomalies) where an NBC Learn video had been embedded - content items, discussions, assignments, etc. We've lost a LOT of content.


We're self-hosted on Learn 9.1 Q42017


Has anyone else experienced this (or have any ideas about what may have happened)?