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Collaborate ULTRA + Disk Usage + Best Practice

Question asked by mh22766 on Mar 7, 2018

Hello Everyone-

So we rolled out Collaborate ULTRA back in Fall 2017. We were told originally, that we would have no restrictions on disk space for recording. This seemed a little too good to be true and after some digging I found there is a 1TB soft limit.

After that limit, my school can still record, but we might need to renegotiate the contract or delete videos


I don't anticipate going over this limit anytime soon, but some issues I am seeing down the road:

1. There is no way for me to administer these videos from a global admin level. I would be hesitant to delete videos with no context of who they below to or what course they belong to.


2. Once a course is deleted the video links from the collaborate session are deleted as well. If the instructor placed the links in course content or saved it offline, then they are fine.


I am trying to figure out best practice for faculty to manage their videos.........

Some ideas:

1. Create copies of video links and save offline or in course content.


2. Download their videos they want to keep.


3. Delete videos they do not need.



Does anyone have any best practice with this?


Has anyone gone over the 1TB soft limit? What happened?