Content Collection + Deletion

Discussion created by mh22766 on Mar 7, 2018
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I had a weird case with the Content Collection and course deletions.

Two faculty members called me in a panic and told me that all their files were missing from their current courses. I took a look and many attachments (not all) were missing. Basically, next to the file was an error message (file does not exist).


I asked the faculty members if they deleted anything out of the course content area and they both said no.

I then went and checked past courses and the past courses were missing the same files.


The only change to the server was that I deleted courses that were over a year old.


I restored these 2 courses and the files were there. I then moved the files to the current course and relinked them.


It seems like when I deleted the old courses.....the files were still linked from the new courses to the content collection area in the old course.


My question, how does this happen? I thought xythos was supposed to prevent this from happening?!?