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How to access course message Attachments by API

Question asked by mk0046175 on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by Alberto Ruiz

I am trying to access the messages through blackboard API. I am using the BB version 3300.0.1

Initially i tried to access the messages through public rest API(, but unable to access it.

I have the course id and user id through which i get the course message details.



This is the entire black of code to access the message through API

//bbCourseId -- >blackboard course id


Course course = CourseDbLoader.Default.getInstance().loadById(bbCourseId);




//emplId - -> blackboard employee id

User fromUser = getBlackboardUser(emplId);



//get list of messages for the user/course


MessageBox box = MessageBox.initMessageBox(fromUser, course);

List<Message> messageList = box.getFolder(folderName.trim()).getMessageList();



//load attachment of each message



MessageAttachment messageAttachment=MessageAttachment.loadAttachment(courseMessage);



//I am able to get the attachment file name




//I am unable to get the actual attachment

BbFile bbFile=messageAttachment.getAttachedFile();


Exception stacktrace is attached. Your help is appreciated.