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Not recieving the lis_outcome_service_url or lis_result_sourcedid parameters

Question asked by on Mar 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2018 by scott.hurrey

Working on getting our LTI integration working with Blackboard,  it is working in Canvas and Moodle so we know it must be close to correct.


We have run into an issue when using content selection


When in a course in Blackboard , we can select our tool to add content via the ContentItemSelectionRequest message.  The problem we are encountering is that when students click on the new content, our system is not being sent either of the  lis_outcome_service_url  or  lis_result_sourcedid  se we cannot post grades back to Blackboard. This is the ContentITem json we are paaing back. 


"@context": "",

        "@graph": [


            "@type": "LtiLinkItem",

            "@id": url,

            "url": url,

            "mediaType": "text/html",

            "text": the_name,

            "title": " the_name,

            "thumbnail": {

              "@id": img


            "placementAdvice": {

              "presentationDocumentTarget": "iframe"






Any help would be appreciated