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Pyramid: Linking Course Activity and Student Course Summary on User|Student

Question asked by Ian Holder on Mar 5, 2018

Hi all,


Our Division of Students asked if I could show a week-by-week engagement table of students by degree and course (what we call subject, hence the name in the slicer below).  


I have this (I know...won't win any visual appeal contests: it's a draft ) - students blurred to protect the guilty:


I can get students with course site accesses by using the Course Activity perspective (left table) and students with no course site accesses using the Student Course Summary perspective (right table - not sure why Pyramid put a light background...that's for another day).


Because I wanted to show off, I am also wanting to give them lists of courses by students.  So I set up those reports, brought them into the dashboard, used the slices from the Course Activity report, linked each slicer to the Student Course Summary report [this box popped up when I linked the Student dropdown (I renamed this slicer to Student; it is User) to the Student Course Summary report, and I selected Student in both the Target dropdowns):



but it does not work for the Student Course Summary perspective report: see error at right.



I'm guessing this is as Users in Course Activity is listed A, then AA, then Aardvark, Mister; Aaron, Julia..., then AB, then Abbott, Tony; Abseiling, Janet...   while Student in Student Course Summary does not have the two-letters of surname breakup - it goes A then Aardvark, Aaron, Abbott, Abseiling...?   Or is it because it is called User in one perspective and Student in another?


It's not the end of the world if I need to have a separate page for this, but I would like them together if possible.  Can anyone give any advice on matching across the Course Activity and Student Course Summary perspectives by User | Student?  Is it at all possible?


Thanks; I hope I've been clear (a rough day of mostly entering paper survey results to Excel to analyse!)   Any questions please ask.