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Discussion created by Ian Holder on Mar 1, 2018
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Hi all,


I'm really interested in your thoughts as educators as to what you'd like to see in terms of analytics about your Blackboard Learn site.  I know if I ask 10 people I'll get 10 different answers, but before I go too far down my path I thought I'd throw it open to the community here.


I believe most of the academics I'll be speaking to will be new to analytics, and may not even know what is available in Analytics for Learn in their subject site.  What I thought I'd do is show them a small dashboard I've put together to give them an idea of what is possible to start the discussion rolling...  What are your thoughts on this?  Would you want it done differently if you were attending?  Would you want the detail, or would a sampler be a better first start?   Thanks.


The first thing I thought I'd briefly discuss: who has logged on (deeper blues mean more accesses) and who has not (left):



Then when students are logging on:



Then, their engagement with tests, forums, blogs, journals...



and for each of these I'd speak briefly about what is being shown, what data we can get, then ask for their feedback on suitability based on what they'd want...


Any thoughts?  I have a thick skin so tear me down.    And it's almost 14:30 on Friday here and I'm taking an early mark so I won't see it til Monday.