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Displaying mashup toolbar option using a bbNG:textbox tag

Question asked by vickers.stephen on Feb 28, 2018

I have found that by adding an attribute of 'isContentLinking="true"' to my bbNG:textbox tags will cause the following options to be included in the toolbar of the content editor:

  • Insert File
  • Insert/Edit Image
  • Insert/Edit Embedded Media
  • Insert Mashup

My questions are "why" does it have this effect, and is there a better way to achieve this result?

The documentation describes the "isContentLinking" attribute as "Whether the ability to browse the content system is desired for this textbox".  It was deprecated in 9.1 SP8 and the documentation advises using the "supportUpload" attribute instead, but this does not have the effect described above of adding the additional toolbar options.  I cannot see any other attributes of the bbNG:textbox tag which perform this task, though perhaps it can be achieved using the "customConfig" attribute but the documentation for this refers to the TinyMceConfig class which appears to be private.