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Formative Surveys

Discussion created by Ian Holder on Feb 27, 2018
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Hi all,


I am an analyst sneaking in to your forums.     Someone in my team trusts me do some professional development around the use of formative surveys in a course while they are away.  The webinar (we are a distributed campus) is set to go for 1 hour [not sure if that is too long...] and will predominantly contain faculty, what we call course coordinators [degree coordinators over in the US?] and perhaps some instructional design staff.


Might I use your collective expertise to find out your experiences with formative surveys?  Do you find them useful?  Are there things to watch out for?  I thought of splitting it up into some of the reasons for, some examples of successful (or unsuccessful!) formative surveys, and tools that can be used [Blackboard Test/Survey].  And I thought all of you here might have some interesting stories or ideas that you would not mind me using in the webinar, in addition to the research I've done.


Thanks for your time, and hope this is not a poor use of these forums.