Survey: Viewing and Sorting Lists of Names

Discussion created by jessebasham on Feb 26, 2018



I'm a designer for Blackboard and would like to get feedback from this community on some design-related questions. Answering these questions is highly beneficial for our process. Please feel free to explain your answer, as your explanation can be just as helpful to us as the answer itself.


We would like to know more about how you prefer to view and sort lists of names for rosters, submission lists, gradebooks, and more. Please use this link to complete the survey:


Design Feedback: Viewing and Sorting Lists of Names Survey


The survey is live now and will remain open until Monday, March 5.


If you have any questions or additional feedback, feel free to add to the discussion here.


Any ideas or visual representations presented above are created for demonstration and research purposes only. They are not something we are currently developing and should not be treated as such.