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We just activated the Institution Page in BB Learn w/Ultra Navigation. The header for the page is large. I'm wondering what plans are in the works to modify the design of this page. I'd also love to have the ability to organize the content into columns. I

Question asked by linda.morosko on Feb 28, 2018
Latest reply on May 1, 2018 by Shannon.Augustine

We love the idea of the Institution Page, but, we're not in love with the layout. The header is very large and could take up about half the real estate. The ability to use columns to organize the remaining content would be wonderful. It would allow for more content to be displayed. Here's what we created:




This is a great page for us to post graphic announcements and other important information for students and faculty. In the time we've been using Bb Learn w/Ultra Nav, the Activity Stream is everyone's least favorite feature.


Would love to hear from other users!