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Summative Assessment Feedback

Question asked by djagger on Feb 16, 2018

We run a lot of online exams (~6k students). One challenge we're facing is how to present feedback on exam performance to students.


Typically for paper exams students can view their marked/annotated exam scripts in a pre-booked feedback session. They can't take the papers/feedback away with them.


We can't just make the exams available on BB as this won't be supervised and staff want to re-use their exam questions the next year - I've suggested they write three exams and rotate them each year but I just get glared at


We can't lock down (IP, password) students accesisng the feedback part of a test on Blackboard - at least I don't think you can.


Also many staff don't want to release any part of the MCQ part of their exam.


If only there was a simple function in BB to print/export submitted test scripts + feedback!!


Very interested in how other people/institutions are dealing with this.