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has anyone developed a building block for submitting student eligibility to NJ transit authority?

Question asked by ja0049951 on Feb 15, 2018

Technical Requirements for University participation in student discounts[1]


  1. Secure channel connection (https) to the link ( on our server.
  2. A POST[2] with the following parameters:
    1. "university_code" For the 4 character unique University Id.  (Having an SAT College ID assigned by The College Board is a prerequisite for participating in the University Partnership Program.)
    2. "student_id" A unique student ID assigned by the university up to 25 characters. The university must guarantee that this string is unique for every individual.
    3. “status” (optional) which can be used for student’s already enrolled in Quik-Tik to be taken to the login screen.
  3. Transmission of "Referer”[3] http header for basic validation
  4. Full URL of the page the Referer header references.

The main assumption is that each university/college has its own web site, and that each full time student has access to that web site.  It is also assumed that each full time student has a unique University student ID or login ID that can be passed to NJ Transit as part of the process.  It is the responsibility of the university to ensure that their system allows only current full time students to have access to the NJ Transit Quik-Tik link from the participant’s web site.



[1] It is acknowledged that this technique provides only basic authentication.

[2] Any technique that will return the appropriate values to the J2EE request.getParameter() is acceptable.

[3] The mis-spelling of “Referer” is intentional and adheres to the specification.