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Course availability and grades

Question asked by me0055382 on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by me0055382

Hi everyone! I'm interested to know if someone from this community follow the same practice as Dalarna regarding course availability. We have a middleware that teachers can use for creating courserooms in Blackboard, they can also set an expiry date for the course when it should be set to Unavailable. In a recent case a teacher did the grading after the expiry date which resulted in that none of the students could see the grades. This seems like an odd approach. In my opinion a third option, "Read only", would fill a gap so that the students could see their grades and access course material without bothering the teacher with forum-updates etc. Do you keep all of your courses set to Available forever? I think someone during the BBug meeting in Halmstad said that it is the only option for now.


Joacim Svensson