SaaS vs Hosting for Learn - Please share your thoughts!

Discussion created by ra0043350 on Feb 13, 2018
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Good Morning - wishing you a wonderful start to the week!


Our university is currently running Blackboard Learn using Managed Hosting, and we are considering SaaS as an option in the near future.


We have been weighing the advantages and disadvantages of an SaaS system for LMS deployment - the biggest concerns we are facing are:


1. In an academic environment, would giving up control over software updates and scheduling in favor of automation be an advantage to the university community or create additional problems?

2. Resource management - would implementing SaaS necessitate more or less resource allocation for maintenance and research (as we allocate resources toward training our community on LMS updates and features prior to every scheduled upgrade)


From your perspective, whether your instance of Blackboard is on-premise, managed, or SaaS, we would be extremely grateful for your input on the type of deployment you currently use, the reason(s) that you are utilizing that deployment method, and if you have made the transition from on-premise or managed hosting to SaaS, what your experience was.  


Thank you kindly in advance!