Confused about creating courses on the developer AMI

Discussion created by as0067688 on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Peter Love

(Apologies if this isn't the right place for this, and if not, please let me know where the best place to ask is.)


First, thanks for making the developer AMI, it's quite a bit more convenient than having to use the vagrant box, and has made it easy for us to create a shared, easy-to-access dev instance.


I'm having some trouble figuring out what is the current, correct way to add a course to a fresh instance.


I made an instance from the AMI last month, and had no issues creating a course, enrolling users, adding grade columns, and posting grades. It was the same process, AFAICT, as on the vagrant box -- visit the admin panel, then the courses section, then create a course, then use the course's menu (or the API) for the rest.


I'm not sure if something changed, or if I've forgotten a step, but when I created an instance from the current AMI (3300.8.0-rel.41+b9350f2) yesterday, my admin panel lacked a courses section. But I was able to create a course by first creating a child node in the Institutional Hierarchy, and creating the course under the child node (I also put all users under that child node). Visiting the page for that course, I see:


There was a system error preventing the course menu from loading. If this problem persists please contact your System Administrator.

For reference, the Error ID is 6cdc581b-ff36-4c23-9b10-e822bd5c0d89.


I then tried to make a grade column for this course via the REST API, which responds with 403 & message "The Grade Center is not available."


Also, if I make courses, users, and memberships on a fresh instance using only the REST API, I get the same response when I try to add a grade column.


I'm using the administrator user for both login and API calls.


Do I have something misconfigured? How should I go about creating a course that I can add grade columns to, and post grades to, via the REST API?