Favorite Learn with the Ultra Experience Features

Discussion created by rr0055421 on Feb 9, 2018

First and foremost, I love how sleek the ultra interface is, the responsive design, and ease of use.  It is clear that this was designed to empower instructors and enhance the Blackboard experience for students.  Many of the new features create simplified workflows, that will in turn allow instructors to be more efficient in delivering quality instruction to students.  Some of my favorites are:


  • The ability to configure course list for availability exceptions is amazing.  This will create a smooth and easy process when there is a need to grant a specific student access to a course from a previous term.
  • The course activity indicators that alert users to items with new activity on the Course Content page are another one of my favorite features of the Ultra Experience.  I definitely agree that students and instructors want a high-level view of what's going on in their courses and this feature addresses that desire.
  • Collaborate Ultra is amazing in that it offers a sleek and easy to use web-conferencing tool to enhance engagement for distance students.  Collaborate Ultra allows distance students to come face-to-face with their instructors, peers, advisors, guest speakers, tutors, and even tech support!  It adds an extra edge to ensuring that distance students are granted the same opportunities as all other students.  The best part is that you can use Collaborate Ultra even if you are on the Original Experience.


I am definitely excited to for what is to come with the future of the Ultra Experience!