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Collaborate Ultra + Can't Share Application

Question asked by mh22766 on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2018 by sr0040720

I am have a faculty member who can't share an application on her computer via Collaborate ULTRA.

She cannot share an application like Powerpoint....or any application.  She can share her SCREEN but not an application.

I took a look at her computer and could not see anything out of the ordinary with it.

We tried both Firefox and Chrome and the same thing. So the behavior we see is that it will give us the selection window to select an application, but we can't see the application running in the selection window. Very odd.

We tried having the app running prior to entering the room, tried closing and reopening the app and then refreshing the room, no luck.

I even uninstalled Chrome and then reinstalled it. Same issue.


Has anyone seen this before? If yes, any ideas on how to resolve?