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We are a self hosted, Windows environment and are running Q2 2017 CU5. I turned on Theme 2016 back in January.


Since then, I have received mixed reviews...some love it, some hate it...which is not surprising. The one area that most people do not particularly like is the grade center. The cells are quite large now and not as many columns are visible. With the help of some truly kind colleagues, on my dev system, I have been able to reduce the size of the cells using CSS mods. The issue is that now the columns do not quite align correctly. It is just slightly off...and if others that are way more proficient with CSS cannot get the columns to align, I know I will not be able to figure it out.


So, I was wondering if anyone knew is Bb product development was looking at this. I know Theme 2016 was set up to be more responsive, but most of my faculty and even students are not using mobile devices that much. They are still using desktops. Are there any plans in the works with product development, or is it even possible, to make the grade center look more like Theme 2012..the cells are not so large and more columns are visible to the instructor??


The other tool that is a bit odd is the way the discussion boards look. On the desktop, it makes this really long narrow column for the forum which is not ideal for anything. Is there a way to have the spacing, at least on a desktop, look more normal? Again, I get it that it is all responsive design, but it is rather frustrating to those of us that are using desktops for most of our work.


Any help/comments are appreciated.



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