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"I have a dream..." - of a Scandinavian User Conference in Blackboard - arranged by users

Question asked by steinarh on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2018 by js0056397

I work at NTNU in Norway and in my previous job (Fronter) I was a member of the team arranging user conferences for the lecturers using Fronter as LMS.


Now, I am very much involved into Blackboard at our university with training, support, creating training materials and so on. I feel that it would be beneficial for many lecturers to have an arena for sharing ideas, presenting success stories, see how this and that is solved by others, getting ideas of useful building blocks etc.


As I believe the pedagogical mindsets in the Scandinavian countries are quite similar we should have a lot in common in the way we want to use Blackboard. In addition some of you have used Bb for several years and have more experience to share.


What I have suggested at NTNU is that we intiate a first Scandinavian User Conference in Blackboard held in Trondheim, with the lecturers from the three countries as the main target group. This should intentionally be an annual conference, and next year in Sweden or in Denmark.


There must be a group with members from all the three countries in the drivers seat.


Now - I have posted an idea - a dream. What are your responses to this?