Rubric Scores Query

Discussion created by km28576 on Feb 7, 2018
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This query returns the cell level data of rubric evaluations. It includes joins to the course, gradebook, user, and rubric details. I hope this proves useful to someone.


FROM rubric_cell_eval
INNER JOIN rubric_eval
ON rubric_cell_eval.rubric_eval_pk1 = rubric_eval.PK1
INNER JOIN rubric_link
ON rubric_eval.rubric_link_pk1 = rubric_link.pk1
INNER JOIN rubric 
on rubric_link.rubric_pk1 = rubric.pk1
inner join course_main
ON rubric.course_pk1 = course_main.pk1
LEFT JOIN rubric_cell
ON rubric_cell_eval.rubric_cell_pk1 = rubric_cell.pk1
LEFT JOIN rubric_row 
ON rubric_cell.rubric_row_pk1 = rubric_row.pk1
LEFT JOIN rubric_column
ON  rubric_cell.rubric_column_pk1 = rubric_column.pk1
LEFT JOIN evaluation_entity
ON rubric_link.eval_entity_pk1 = evaluation_entity.pk1
LEFT JOIN attempt
ON evaluation_entity.attempt_pk1 = attempt.pk1
LEFT JOIN gradebook_grade
on attempt.gradebook_grade_pk1 = gradebook_grade.pk1
LEFT JOIN course_users
ON gradebook_grade.course_users_pk1 = course_users.PK1
ON course_users.users_pk1 = users.pk1
LEFT JOIN gradebook_main
on gradebook_grade.gradebook_main_pk1 = gradebook_main.pk1