Question from Blackboard Designer: Adding content in Course Content section

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I’m a designer for Blackboard and would like to get feedback from this community on some design-related questions. Answering these questions is highly beneficial for our process. Please feel free to explain your answer, as your explanation can be just as helpful to us as the answer itself.


Currently, when an instructor wants to add content to the Course Outline section the initial options are as follows:


-Copy Content

-Content Market

-Cloud Storage

-Content Collection



We would like to reevaluate the content we have available within "Add to course content" We would like to make sure the instructor can easily access the course content tools they often use, easily. We also want the organization of where each content item lives to translate well so instructors can easily find whichever item they want to add.




These are the two options we are proposing as starting points for the menu. Please let us know which one you prefer and why that is.



- Create Course Content

- Insert Content

- Copy Content




-Create Assement

-Create Curse Content Item

-Insert Content

-Copy Content



Please refer to the attached pdfs to get a visual of what the menu would look like in context and how the content would be organized.


Thank you so much for your feedback!





Layout Option A.png

Layout Option B.png





Any ideas or visual representations presented above are created for demonstration and research purposes only. They are not something we are currently developing and should not be treated as such.