Favorite Blackboard Learn with Ultra Feature

Discussion created by jkane on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by barry.lamb

So this may seem lame, but I'm excited about the calendar. We currently do not use the calendar in the self-hosted Bb Learn 9.1, but we are trying to get on board. There are some institutional reasons that we don't use it, and so we are working on a way to anticipate the issues the shift would bring, and then come up with a way to slowly roll it out. The sleekness of the design, the full screen view of the calendar and the ease of accessing it from the nav panel and the tool bar, as well as notification on the day-view showing how many items are due that day all play in to our excitement on using the tool. I just like how the calendar is more of an overlay on the course as a whole rather than its own thing housed in one place.