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Trying to Get Rid of Question Sets but keep the questions

Question asked by danm on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2018 by danm

Hello all,

First post here. Hope I'm in the right place (using BB Learn).

I am trying to modify an exam which has question sets (call it Exam 1) and am finding it difficult. What I want to do is three things:

  1. Get rid of the question sets but keep the questions in them
  2. Add additional questions, also not in a question set
  3. Combine 1 and 2 into a new exam (call it Exam 2) without question sets


Here’s what I’ve tried.

  1. I tried to Build a pool from Exam 1 so that I could upload questions from Exam 1 into Exam 2, but when you go to Build a pool and click on “Find Questions”, although that Exam 1 shows up in the list under “Tests”, when you select it, no questions show up (apparently the software doesn’t “see” the questions in question sets). I hit “Submit” anyway and it tells me “There are no selected items”.
  2. Export Exam 1 as a test and import that zip file as pool. That gives no error messages which makes it appear that it imported just fine, but it does not show up in the list of Pools.
  3. Tried to remove questions from question sets with the intent of finding and selecting them later to add to Exam 2. So for this, I go into Exam 3 (an old test with Question sets which I don’t mind messing up), then I go into a question set, hit the “Remove question” and remove a question from question set and then try to locate where the question went and I can’t find it. According to the site below, questions can be removed from the set but remain in the course. (,

That site says:

Remove questions from the set:

Select the questions and select Remove Question. The question is removed from the set, but not deleted from your course.”

So I modified the question before removing it so I could find it easily. I went to build a pool to see if that question showed up there, but I cannot find it. When I click “Find Questions”, it is not in the “Question database” pool (I checked all pages), and doesn’t appear to be in any other pool. So if a “question is removed from the set, but not deleted from your course”, where is the question to be found?

I believe I am using Blackboard Learn 9 (I can’t find that info)

I’m on a PC running Windows 10 Home