My Favourite Learn with Ultra Features

Discussion created by ta0042817 on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by js0042368

After reviewing the release notes and going into educator preview, here are my 3 favorite features

1. SMS Alerts

     Students are always attached to their phones so why not take advantage of that and send any alerts to their mobile devices. This is great so students can still be aware of their course even while away from their computer. ( for some reason this wasnt an option in the preview, even though i added a phone number to my profile)

2.Insert Video from Web

     This is a great feature that allows a video to be embedded simply by pasting the YouTube URL. This is much more convenient and faster than the current mashups method in the original experience.

3. The Institution Page

     As I am currently working in the original experience, it is nice to have a central page where modules can be deployed showing important campus information or information about Blackboard mobile applications


I cant wait to see what else is introduced into the Ultra Experience!