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Building Blocks not uploading; missing bb-manifest.xml

Question asked by cz0070476 on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by cz0070476

Hi all,


I'm developing a building block currently, and followed the file structure for uploading the building block. Problem is, whenever I try to upload it to the dev environment or our universities' test environment, it gives me the error:


Could not install Building Block. There were one or more errors in the manifest for {0}.

Invalid Building Block Error: No manifest file was found in WEB-INF


Currently, my file is set up to be [buildingBlock]>WEB-INF>bb-manifest.xml. I've tried zipping this as both a zip and war file, (if that matters any,) making sure that the handle name is unique against any other building blocks, and have the bb-manifest set up pretty much the same as other templates that I've found to work. If it isn't a problem with the hierarchy of my files or Blackboard's ability to find the manifest file, what else could be wrong with it?