LTI Grades out of order

Discussion created by bsettje on Jan 31, 2018
I have an LTI integrated course through BB Learn. It receives grades on some content, for example an assignment, through a single launch link, is presented as 4 different checkpoints in the content providers service, and at each checkpoint an updated score is sent to the BB Learn Passback URL. But if a student goes quickly through the content, the passback URL will receive checkpoint 2 progress after checkpoint 3. And state that checkpoint 2 is the most recent grade,even though the student went through the 3rd checkpoint.The gradebook in BB thinks that the most recent sent is the most recent grade.
The LTI scores are sent using LTI 1.1 standards.
Is there an administration or setting built into BB Learn with LTI integration to accept only the highest score, similar to the normal assignments in Blackboard?