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Grading Tools Removal

Question asked by fursty on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by schemaczar

The recent "upgrade" to BOX grading tools, I feel I have suffered a major regression in my ability to provide effective feedback to students and a major increase in my work factor when grading deliverables in Blackboard.


Is there any hope for more tools? Has anyone heard anything?


Gone are;

Ability to use multiple highlight colors

Ability to see all the comments at one time

Ability to outline or create “callouts” with comments – these were VERY helpful when grading programming code syntax.

Ability to pinpoint specific text --  vs calling out a large chunk ---

Ability to use the Pencil option to write notes on the deliverable and bring emphasis to the feedback.

Ability to print our annotated deliverable.. to review with student.


The ability for students to SEE feedback... they too are left confused.