Box View loading query

Discussion created by ra0068317 on Jan 31, 2018
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A lecturer has reported they're having trouble loading the preview view of students' work at home. It doesn't appear to affect all work (she did wonder if it was just a problem with Word docs that include images, but that's not it) and we can't replicate the problem in the office. She uses a PC and IE at home, but I'm not sure which version.


When she clicks on the work she wants to mark, she sees the blue Box View loading bar, but it seems to get stuck towards the end and she ends up having to download the work, but really she wants to add comments in Box View.


Has anyone had any similar problems reported to them? If so, did you find out what was causing it?


Apologies if this has been raised before - there's quite a lot of information about the new Box View and I had a quick look through but couldn't see this specific problem.


Many thanks