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Setting institution-wide discussion boards to read-only

Question asked by emunoz on Jan 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by emunoz

Hi all.

I have a client trying to set up an institution-wide discussion board where only certain people can write, keeping others as "readers" instead or participants.

I instructed her to click Manage on the dropdown menu for the discussion board and then give the roles needed (moderator, participant, reader). Also tried to use Add user to search for the users that would be readers.

I could not make this work: There is no way to add all the users with system role A to be Readers and those with system role B to be Moderators. There is no way either to use or search for institutional roles in that tool. The Add user allows to add one by one but that is unthinkable when selecting all the users that are not Staff in an institution...

Am I missing something? Has anyone set such a discussion board?

Any pointer will be appreciated. I have even started to consider offering some other options but I understand they would rather use the boards.

Thanks in advance!