Activity Stream Not Displaying Course Activity

Discussion created by rbrugger on Jan 20, 2018
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I am currently a student in Belmont's Pharmacy program. I am currently in seven courses, and not one of them shows up in my activity stream. My fellow peers' BB modules are working and displaying their courses in their activity streams, but mine will say no course activity yet. I have tried logging out as well as refreshing my module, and if I wait long enough it will display when my grades have been posted but that is it. It will never show when a teacher has made an announcement or uploaded a new assignment. I know it may seem more like a minor inconvenience, but when enrolled in seven courses at one time it is becoming an issue being up to date on material that is constantly being uploaded. I was hoping someone has maybe dealt with this before, and can help point me in the proper direction to resolve my issue.


Thank you!