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SAML B2 Authentication with SOAP Web Services

Question asked by araujot on Jan 18, 2018
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I'd like to know if Blackboard SOAP Web Services support the authentication with SAML. My application has the basic Auth authentication flow implemented and working, based on the code example from


There are documents explaining about the SAML on Blackboard atMoving to SAML B2 for Authentication  and SAML 2.0 Building Block . When that's the only authentication method available, we cannot use the basic auth authentication flow for the Web Services. I also know that SAML authentication is possible with SOAP, based on what is shown here: SAML v2.0 vs. JWT: SAML2 with SOAP Web Services and REST APIs - Apigee Community


So, does Blackboard supports this kind of authentication on Web Services? If so, can anyone provide me some documentation, or a code example on how to get this working. That would be really helpful.