Browser wars - which do you recommend?

Discussion created by rs0068755 on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2018 by lsheehy7

Since the New Year, we are getting a growing number of support calls from admins and academics who cannot edit course material, or manage courses because the grey arrow which opens the edit menu is missing



The arrow goes missing in a variety of browsers, but Internet Explorer and Chrome are particular problems.  Changing browser or clearing the cache restores the arrow.


Generally we promote Chrome as browser of choice, but recently we seem to be noticing a few issues with Chrome, mainly related to caching issues.


We are liking FireFox, but currently that isn't installed by default on university PCs. 


Edge seems to be much better than Internet Explorer too. 


And what about Mac users?


What browsers are you recommending to your institution users at present to access Blackboard, or are we back to the Wild West days of make sure you've got a variety and see which works?