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Activity Accumulator: Retention Centre

Question asked by Ian Holder on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2018 by Ian Holder

Hi all,


I'm trying to look at who is using Retention Centre, Performance Dashboards and the Course reports, and how often - for training as well as information purposes.


I have found two values that seemed to reference Retention Centre:

  • /webapps/retention/mybb/retentionCenterOverview
  • Retention Centre


I had thought Retention Centre may be for accesses within a course site, and /webapps/retention/mybb/retentionCenterOverview for Dashboard accesses of it [given that is its web address]: is there anywhere this is specified?   Or does anyone know for sure?


I ask as I am getting NULL for most rows for the course pk1 for /webapps/retention/mybb/retentionCenterOverview, but I do get the occasional course pk1 value matching a course or organisation site.   What would be the difference between a NULL value for course/organisation pk and a non-NULL value when the activity accumulator references /webapps/retention/mybb/retentionCenterOverview?


Screenshot shows ACTIVITY_ACCUMULATOR.timestamp,, COURSE_MAIN.course_id


My thanks,