Refreshed Mobile Adoption Toolkits

Discussion created by eh0054212 on Jan 11, 2018

Community - As you kick off the new year and head back to school, I wanted to remind you about our mobile adoption toolkits for the Blackboard app and the Blackboard Instructor app: Adoption Toolkits | Blackboard Help . Our toolkits have various resources to help you inform students and instructors about our apps -  designed to help users quickly access critical information and easily stay up-to-date while on the go.


We have videos, posters, postcards, one pagers, social media toolkits and more. These are updated regularly to make sure they're fresh with new content about our latest features - such as access to organizations and new offline capabilities. Here are a few examples:


Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 2.28.34 PM.png


In the comments below, please let us know if there are other resources that you're looking for or if you have any feedback!