Institutional Hierarchies - Assigning Node Administrators

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We are planning on implmenting institutional hierarchies for the 2018/9 session. Our intention isto do as much as we can using feeds from our SIS. As i have been building things up, i seem to be struggling with assigning node administrators using the SIS integrations. Does anyone have any experience of doing that?

I hope that makes sense.





For a bit more context, the diagram below shows part of the hierarchy we want to implement. The tiers are: Institution > School > Division > Programme > Courses.
We want the academics at Dean, Head of Division and Programme leaders to be able to access all courses from their tier down. The system roles have been setup for that already, and I can add them to the nodes as admiistrators manually fine. But with 200+ programmes and about 10 divisions it would take a lot of work to do that manually and keep on top of it too.