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Dragonspeech compatibility with Blackboard

Question asked by drs1 on Jan 10, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by curtin.lms


I work in a University IT support department, one of our lecturers uses Dragonspeech 15 Pro, voice to text software, in WIndows 10 64bit. He's used Dragonspeech for a number of years now, and despite having Dragonspeech upgraded to the latest versions, he always finds Blackboard can behave inconsistently when marking students' assignments and making online commments. Nuance, who develop Dragonspeech, say that Blackboard isn't supported in Dragonspeech, they don't have any plans to change that, and it's basically it's up to the developers of other software, Blackboard in this case, to make their products compatible with Dragonspeech. I've come across the same situation regarding Dragonspeech and Turnitin.


So, does anyone know if there are any plans for Blackboard to make their product fully compatible with Dragonspeech, or point me in the direction of some useful resources for using Blackboard with Dragonspeech? The lecturer is using the Dragonspeech 'open dictation box' but finds it takes him longer to mark assignments.


Thanks for any help or suggestions - even a simple 'no, Blackboard have no intention of making it fully supported in Dragonspeech.'