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How do you handle faculty development/training across multiple campuses with varied distances?

Question asked by on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by drt

Greetings Bb Community,

I was hoping for feedback on a topic near and dear to our hearts...faculty development.  Specifically I have some logistical questions.  First, a little background:


Currently, I provide development opportunities for our faculty across the usual mediums:

  • face-to-face scheduled sessions
  • one-on-one or "by appointment" sessions (these are offered via office visit, phone call, webinar)
  • group training by appointment (same as above with mediums)
  • Live webinars
  • Fully online cohort based courses (these come with certifications)
  • fully online self-paced courses (some of these come with certifications)
  • on demands help via blackboard orgs and eesysoft
  • lunch-n-learns
  • workshops at our annual conference

We have had tremendous success with our online development opportunities (cohort, self-paced and webinar) and we still do face-to-face development, just not as much.


So now that I'm done with the background, let me broach a subject.  For those of you with multiple campuses, how do you logistically organize, communicate and deliver your faculty development?  Specifically if you have campuses within driving distances and some of them within flying distance.  I'm wondering how to scale what I'm already doing here.  What were your successes, failures, speed-bumps etc?


Any help on this topic you can give would be greatly appreciated.