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Does Bb Learn 2012 theme lock user's name and logout button in place?

Question asked by bill.vilberg on Jan 3, 2018

We are trying to get our new SaaS environment (Release 3300.2.0-rel.40+0c25a38) ready to release in three days. We are using the Bb Learn 2012 theme. When I tested the new site on my iPad I discovered that the user's name (cloud menu?) and logout button (power switch icon) stayed in a fixed position when I scrolled down the page.


Video demonstration of the problem with audio narration: 2018-01-03_11-21-50.mp4


I repeated this on my computer and it seems to be part of the quasi-responsive design of the 2012 theme. When the browser window is full size and the user's name is at the top of the top banner, everything works correctly. When the browser window is narrow enough that the tabs jump to the top of the top banner, the user's name and power button remain in a fixed location while the rest of the header rolls off the page. I tested it with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on my MacBook Pro with the same results. Is this a known issue? Is there a known fix?


As I said, this is a system that was installed by Blackboard yesterday, so it has the latest version of the Bb Learn 2012 theme. We have not customized it in any way.