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hello Scandinavians,

I am a newly hired solutions engineer at Blackboard, I am located in the south of Sweden (Växjö) and dedicated to the institutions in Scandinavia.


Here is some information about what is going on with the change of the inline grading function,

from the crocodoc to the new Box view:

this afternoon, at 17:00 CET, there will be a webinar going through the process etc.

The webinar will be recorded and I will share the link here afterwards.

If you wish to participate today, register via this link: Blackboard Inline Grading and Crocodoc Update


In a nutshell, the new Box view offers different features than previously in crocodoc.

Blackboard is therefore now opening for institutions to vote for adding features that are currently not available in the coming new Box view inline grading ( to clarify: the results of the voting, ie the adding of additional feature, will then take a minimum of a couple of months).

By following this link at the "Blackboard idea exchange site", you as community member can vote for features that you feel are requested as part of the inline grading at your institution: