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Date Management: Please correct the Dutch language pack

Question asked by on Dec 22, 2017
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In the Blackboard Community I find a lot of positive comments about the Course Tool “Date Management”. But a lot of Dutch speaking Blackboard users (Netherlands, Belgium, ... ) are not familiar with this tool due to a confusing and persistent translation error: some (artificial non-intelligent) tool translated “Date Management” from English to Dutch in “Itemanalyse”:


This error occurs not only in these screens, but also in the Course Tools menu and in the Blackboard online help:

Please Blackboard, make your Translation Tool learn that a correct translation of “Date Management” is “Datums beheren”.  It will ease to understand the concept of “reuse content”.

This example is one of a lot of shortcomings in the Dutch language pack. In my opinion, The poor quality of this language pack confuses a lot of Dutch speaking Blackboard users.