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Customized 2016 theme in Q4 2017

Question asked by Mahmoud Soliman on Dec 21, 2017
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Hope this email finds you well.

We are in process to upgrade our Blackboard to Q4 2017 this January 2018 and need your help in customization of the 2016 theme.

we already customized the theme css and shared css files to match our branding

Our web developer wants to know  the following and if it is supported or not.

- what is the best practice to brand 2016 theme to apply our university branding

- Some of the changes required will be applied upon the copyright.vm file to reflect on the footer.

- For mobile responsive - can we update the structure of the top navigation to not use <table> elements as table are not responsive friendly and are very rigid. Is it possible to make such changes?


Thanks in advance.